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Black Women & Their Natural Hair

Updated: May 25, 2020

Let me start by stating that there are no short cuts on the path to healthy hair. There are series of steps that when done in unison will yield strong, healthy hair. It happens one day at a time, one conscious decision at a time, and it's a constant, evolving thing that changes according to the needs of your hair.

As Black women, we've been conditioned to believe that our hair is problematic and must somehow be tamed. This conditioning is responsible for the dysfunctional relationship we have with our hair. For most of our lives, we constantly long for other people's hair texture and type. Consequently, we don't spend the time needed in getting to know what works for our own hair type and lifestyle.

To make matters worse, we were never taught how to properly care for our kinky texture to begin with. This art was not passed down from our mothers to us nor was it passed it from their mothers to them. Hence, the reason for our detached relationship with our natural hair.

Hair care is a science, not a difficult science but a science nonetheless. That's good news because it means that there are a set of actionable steps that when implemented will yield positive results.

Natural hair care is not difficult; but there are steps we must take in order to cultivate healthy hair.These steps are the basis of a good hair regimen. Once you understand the needs of your hair, it then becomes much easier to maintain, manage, and love it.

This is a quick guide with tips that you can start implementing today.

Natural Hair Goodness Coming Soon!

Stay tuned...

Natural Hair Goodness Coming Soon!

Stay tuned...

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