My name is Itohan, and I’ll be your instructor for this masterclass.


Nubian Natural Hair Gallery offers an online platform for natural hair education, and we've helped thousands of clients.


Most of my clients come to me due to the same frustrations you probably have with your natural hair.


  • You feel like it is dry and unmanageable.
  • You hair does not retain moisture.
  • It feels brittle
  • You are experiencing hair breakage.
  • Your styles do not hold their definition for long.
  • You are experiencing damage from "protective styles."
  • You are transitioning to natural hair and have no idea where to start.


I have created this masterclass just for you. I know that you have no idea how to get it healthy hair. You are tired of throwing darts in the dark and hoping to find something that’ll work for your hair. I want to help you simplify you natural hair regimen and achieve healthier hair.


So, here is the thing… You will not retain length if your hair is not healthy or able to retain moisture.


Do you know what the girls on Instagram and Youtube have in common? They have a set hair regimen that is curated for their hair type. Yes, a hair regimen.


You don’t have to do it alone because I've done most of the heavy lifting for you!





Over the course of 4 weeks, you will receive one (1)video per week of instructional content that is intended to help you take control of your hair game. 


Each week, you will gain one skill set at a time to be able to cultivate the hair of your dreams.


You will learn how to create a hair regimen based on the current condition and needs of your hair.


Learn what to do to your hair daily, weekly, and monthly to keep it healthy.


You will learn how to train your hair into retaining moisture and banish dry hair for good.


I will show you exactly what to do and how to create the best hair regimen for your hair type. 


Your hair type:


Hair Porosity

Hair texture


Now is the time to develop your skill set.


See you in class!





1st video will be delivered to your inbox on Tuesday, August 26th..





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     ​"I am made beautiful every time I leave this salon. Itohan is so creative. Her styles make you feel like a queen.." 

    Brendalyn Kerr



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