A HEALTHY HAIR REGIMEN is a MUST for healthy hair!


You are ready to love your hair! You just need the tools to take care of it and help it grow. We can help you. We will guide you, give you the routine for your unique hair type, set you up with a set of products recommendations, and in 8-12 weeks, your hair will be on the path to healthy and strong.


From Tips to Roots is a personalized healthy natural hair system from an experienced and licensed Natural Hair Stylist and Hair Educator, Itohan. This comprehensive package will address your hair concerns and includes: This holistic healthy natural hair package will address all of your hair concerns and includes:

From Tips to Roots System


  • One (1) 30 minutes virtual consultation
  • A customized assessment of your hair to help you learn about your unique hair texture - from type 2A to type 4C, porosity level, and how to take care of it.
  • A customized corrective hair plan of action
  • Customized product recommendations
  • Customized hair regimen for maximum length and moisture retention
  • Nutritional advice for growing, healthy hair
  • Natural foods guide for growing healthy hair
  • One (1) access through email communications



Your Healthy Hair Regimen will include:


Your complete guide to HEALTHY HAIR.

A curated list of products, for your specific hair needs, that will restore moisture to your thirsty strands.

Practical tips on eliminating breakage.

A schedule for your treatments, trims, moisturizers, and oils.

Your freedom from being a product junkie.


You will finally start retaining length and gain the skills and confidence needed to grow healthier, longer hair.


From Tips To Roots System: Personalized Hair Regimen Package

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    • Private
    • Discreet

    You no longer have to be concerned with the lack of privacy in a salon setting. Your virtual consultation is for your ears and eyes only. We will discuss hair loss, diet, and styling history and options.