I'm Itohan, AKA, Naturalstylist 

I am the CEO, lead stylist, and healthy hair specialist at Nubian Natural Hair Gallery. Let me create a customized healthy hair regimen for you. I have over 18 years of experience as a master loctician, hair educator,

and public speaker.



Itohan was trained and certified in hair locking and natural hair care at Dreadz N'Headz Natural Hair Center by the world renowned natural hair expert, Malaika Tamu Cooper. She has worked under some of the best natural hair stylists in the area and is happy to offer you that expertise. She believes that our natural hair texture is beautiful just as it is. No chemical or heat is needed! She is an educator at heart, regularly conducts workshops, and is available to speak at your next event. 

Nubian Natural Hair Gallery is the quintessential natural hair experience in the Triangle. We specialize in all forms of natural hair styling, from locs to hair braiding. Our goal is to enhance natural beauty by introducing our clients to the versatility and sophistication of unprocessed hair.

Nubian Natural Hair Gallery offers our community a fresh perspective on beauty and cultural aesthetics. Our CEO, Itohan, strongly believes in elevating black cultural identity by celebrating our unique physical characteristics. Hair is an accessory and ought to be seen as a way to express one's creativity and individuality. However, choosing to wear our natural hair is often viewed as political.

Our Vision

Our Story

"It's All About The Kink!"