Walk-ins are accepted, however, we highly recommend that you call (919) 225-7623 to schedule an appointment. 

 • Nubian Natural Hair Gallery requires a Refundable  50% deposit to secure an appointment.  The deposit will be applied to the cost of the service.  We accept most credit cards, bank cards, and money orders. We do not accept personal checks.

Any last-minute appointment (less than 24 hours) will require a 100% pre-payment for all services.

Please note that loose natural hair and locs can vary greatly in density and length.  Longer, thicker, and denser hair require a lot more love, time, and products to style; therefore, the cost for the service must reflect that. The same goes for locs that are washed and re-twisted infrequently.  The prices listed on the services page are starting prices only and your final cost may differ based on the length, density, amount of new growth (locs only) and/or intricacy of your chosen style.  



 We appreciate and require 48 hours (72 hours for extension services) notice of any cancellation or rescheduling for deposits to be refunded. Sometimes life happens and some things, such as an illness or hospitalization can't be planned; therefore, dire or emergency situations will be considered on a case by case basis.

 All No Call No Shows will be charged the cost of the missed appointment..

Please note that calling to re-schedule or cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice will result in being charged the cost of the service.  


Preparing For Your Appointment

   All first time clients are encouraged to come in for a consultation. Please make sure that hair is loose and in its natural state-    not blown out.

All styles must be removed and hair must be completely detangled before arriving at the salon.

  Informal Consultation: Complimentary, very quick, and no appointment needed. Please call to ensure someone will be available to speak with you. This consultation is perfect for:

  • Those wanting to meet with a stylist prior to an appointment

  • Those with a specific style in mind

  • Those checking that hair is long enough for a particular style

Formal Consultation: Paid service, detailed, and appointment needed. Can be done in person or as a Virtual Consultation. This consultation is perfect for :

The Transitioning Naturalistas

The New Naturalistas

Those wanting to discuss hair health, style options, product recommendations, and Loc Start-Up.

 If you require that your previous style be removed or in need of a detangling service, PLEASE let us know when making your appointment. These services require more time and additional fees will be assessed. If we are not informed ahead of time, we may not be able to accommodate you on your scheduled day and may have to reschedule your appointment. In addition, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

• Please be realistic about your hair needs when booking your appointment. If we are able to fit you in for additional services, there will be a per hour charge for these services. Also, please be aware you will not be permitted to remove your own braids, twists or weave on the premises. This must be done prior to arriving at our salon.

We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment; if you are running late, let us know
by calling. We will allow a 15-20 minute grace period, and we ask the same of you. If we have to reschedule your appointment due to lateness, a fee may to be assessed.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority! We love happy clients and want you to be pleased with your service; so we take every opportunity to be clear about your chosen style .
Consequently, there are no refunds. 
However, we will be happy to correct any mistakes to your hair style while you are at the salon.
Should you be unhappy with the finished product, please inform the stylist prior to leaving
the premises. However, if you notice any errors, leave your hair, as is, and return to the salon immediately so that we can rectify the mistake.


We love children and are happy to service them; however, children are not allowed in the salon unless they are being serviced. We strive to make each child's visit as pleasant as possible.